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Post  hhaisem on Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:58 pm

How Old Are You And What Gender Are You? I'm 14 and male !

Any Gm Experance? I have been GM in SpicySTory for 2month
Orangems, shadowms, jamms but they all closed =(

How Long Have You Played MS for? 4-5 years since bera

How would you handle a fight? first I'll explain them that love make people so much more happy then fighting ... saying i love you will fill your heart of happyness. you will have more fun playing as a team else then individual
its way better then talking about each other mother -.- ( what usualy people do when they fight )if they continu I'll ask to stop if they dont I'll put them in
jail for 5 minutes so they can calm down and after they can talk to each
other so they can be friend again and if they fight an other time I'll put in
jail for a certain amount of time (longer then 5 minute )

Will You Fallow The Rules? yeah I will follow the rules

Interests ?Sports , Girls , and of course Maplestory

Hobbies ? Maplestory , Football , Friends

If You Saw Some One Hacking What Would You Do? I'm first going on hide then take screenie of the hacker then I'll get my bann hammer to kick
is $@#4 out ASAP !

If Some One Was Being Harassed What Would You Do? I'll advice first then if he still harrass I will dc/jail if they continue to be like that I'll eventualy bann for a certain amount of time ( if admin okay with my decision)

Will You Respect OtherPlayers? yeah , I realy like to have fun with all the people i meet . unless they're not respectful with me I will try to know what
I've done and why they dont like me and I will do my best to change if I was wonrg or if I've done something that frustated them . I'd also like them to do the same,
otherwise if they being mean for nothing and they are realy not respecfull I'll jail and if they continue to be like that I'll eventualy bann for a certain amount or time ( if admin okay with my decision )

Will You Spawn/Item/Scroll/Money For Other Players That Arn't A GM? actualy no , unless there is an event and someone want an equip or
something that is not sold in the shop or as a prize i can scroll an item of
they're choice like 10 time . I wont give anything for free or for fun. Maybe like once when all the other gm's r fooling around=D

Will You Host Events? yea , in every ps I play , I always begg for event ,so I'll be very happy to host event for for everyone ! =D

Will You Respect The Server And Not Crash The Server Like Some
Retards? yeah , I'm not the kind of guy that like to screw up thing like that
( i don't know how to make a server crash ) ....expect the command

What Things Can You Do To Help The Server? well I've been playing ps since like almost a year now so I saw alot of thing , i can bring many
ideas I can't code tho =( I got some friend that play boring Ps so I'll tell
them to come to FoFMS to have fun =) and vote

How Many Events Will You Have A Day? As many as the player wann I'll ask often if they want 1 too , and I'll tell player to vote for the first event if
they didnt . I think it's a good way to get more votes

How Many Hours A Day Will You Be On? 5-6-7 hours per day it
depends on homework/sport/work and more on weekends

Will You Have Fun? you bet I will have fun =D and I will do my best to entertain people and make them have fun

Couple of thing about you ? I live in canada my time zone is GMT - 4:00 . I will understand if I'm not chosen Thnx for your time

Thnx and enjoy reading my app =D



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